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Anime Figures/Merchandise/Goods Sales Post
Please refer to this post for more information regarding payment and shipping!

All items are in brand new condition still unopened in original plastic unless otherwise noted. Only boxes have been opened to check contents.

Pictures available upon request.

Petanko Sword Art Online Trading Rubber Strap -Fairy Dance-
(Earphone Jack Strap)

Kirito 1x $15
Asuna Titania 1x $15
Leafa 1x $12
Sakuya 1x $10
Alicia 1x $10
Recon 1x $10
Eugene 1x $10
Oberon 1x $10
Suguha 1x $12
Secret: Yui 1x $15

Steins;Gate Rubber Strap Collection

Okabe Rintarou 1x $12
Makise Kurisu 1x $12
Shiina Mayuri 1x $12
Amane Suzuha 1x $10
Urushibara Ruka 1x $10
Feiris NyanNyan 1x $12
Hashida Itaru 1x $10
Kiryuu Moeka 1x $10
Secret #1: Makise Kurisu Maid Ver. 1x $15
Secret #2: Uupa 1x $10

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion STAGE.1 Rubber Strap Collection

Lelouch Lamperouge 1x $12
Suzaku Kururgi 1x $12
C.C. 1x $10
Zero 1x $10
Kallen Kouzuki 1x $10
Nunnally Lamperouge 1x $10
Lloyd Asplund 1x $10
Cecile Croomy 1x $10

Fullmetal Alchemist Rubber Strap Collection Vol.1

Winry Rockbell 1x $9
Riza Hawkeye 1x $9
Olivier Mira Armstrong 1x $9
Alex Louis Armstrong 1x $9
Jean Havoc 1x $9
Secret: Julia Crichton 1x $5

Amnesia Chibi Strap Keychain Charms

Kento 1x $6
Ukyo 1x $8

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Debut Rubber Strap Collection

Reiji Kotobuki 1x $9
Ranmaru Kurosaki 1x $9
Camus 1x $9

Togainu No Chi Rubber Strap Collection

Shiki 1x $7
Arbitro 1x $7
Rin 1x $7
N 1x $7
Gunji 1x $7
Motomi 1x $7
Kiriwar 1x $7

Kimi to Boku Trading Figures

Tachibana Chizuru 1x $8
Sato Masaki 2x $5

Starry☆Sky Color Collection Trading Figures

Touzuki Suzuya (Cancer) 1x $7
Kanakubo Homare (Taurus) 1x $7

Mayo Chiki! Rubber Strap Collection

Kinjiro Sakamachi 1x $6
Kureha Sakamachi 1x $6
Ichigo Saotome 1x $6
Subaru Konoe B 1x $6
Secret #2: Masamune Usami Swimsuit Ver. 1x $6

Chiral Nitro+ One Coin Grande Trading Figures
(All have been displayed briefly but put back into original packaging)

Rin 1x $10
Sakiyama Youji 1x $10
Shironuma Tetsuo 1x $10

Nendoroid Petits

Meiko 1x $8
Iwasaki Minami 1x $6

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How much would two Uta no prince sama rubber keychains shipped to the UK/UAE? (As I'm travelling soon)
I'm interested in the Otoya and Sho? Thanks ^^

Shipping for 2 straps to the UK will be $6 by Canada Post light packet mail. This form of mail does not come with tracking or insurance however, so let me know if you'd like either of those options!

Unfortunately Otoya is on hold at the moment as someone else has asked for him first. Might you be interested in any other ones? Shipping will probably be the same for up to 4-5 straps.

Thanks for your interest!

I'm interested in the Tokiya strap! :3 Can you tell me how much shipping is to Hawaii, USA?

Hi! Thanks for inquiring. Unfortunately Tokiya has just been sold yesterday :(


I'm definitely interested in your Syo and Natsuki strap ; w ; I live in Australia.

Just curious, do you do holds? If so, how long because I'm leaving for a work placement today and I won't have any internet access until Friday > <;

Thanks for your interest!~ I can do a hold for you no problem as long as it's reasonable. I'm actually going to be away for a work-related trip until Thursday, so that will be fine.

Just so you know, shipping to Australia will be $6 for up to 4-5 straps. No insurance or tracking available with this method of shipment though so do let me know if you prefer a more insured method.

Anyway, leave me a note to confirm what you'd like and I'll put them on hold for you until.. Saturday? Let me know which day is good for you!

um...I'm intrested in the mikaze ai strap if its still available

Hi, he's still available :) Can you let me know where you're located so I can give you a shipping estimate?

Thanks for your interest!

Heya! I'm interested in buying One Coin Grande Tetsuo and Youji, is it including their one coin cards? ^^v

Hi! Thanks for your interest. And yes, both come with their original character cards which are still unopened ^^

Shoot, I was looking for a Tokiya strap. That's ok though!

I'm interested in a Haruka strap from Uta no Prince-sama. I'm from Canada - would you take Canadian for it? Also, how much would it be to ship to BC?


Hi! Ah sorry, Tokiya has already been taken unfortunately!

I can accept Canadian ^^ Shipping to BC should be around $2, if you don't need tracking. I'll find time to confirm at the post office this weekend.

I'm desperate for Narumi..

I'm in the UK and I would love to have the Nakuru Narumi and Subaru Konoe A straps from Mayo chiki. How much would it be?
Thanks! ^_^

Re: I'm desperate for Narumi..


Thanks for your interest! The straps will be $12 + shipping and fees. Shipping should be $6 for around 4-5 straps. I'll confirm with you again once I can get to a post office tomorrow.

Let me know if you're still interested!

Hello are kaname and chizuru still available?
How much would it be to ship them to Malaysia?
Please add the paypal fees for me too!


Extremely sorry for the delayed reply.. unfortunately, Kaname isn't available anymore.

I've just updated my listing. Please let me know again if you're still interested in anything.


I'm interested in the Ukyo strap!

How would it work if I live in Toronto as well? :P

Hello! Thanks for your interest :D

If you're in Toronto, we can meet up somewhere? Maybe a Subway station?

Do you still have fairy dance Kirito?

I'll take the lelouch (code geass) and ukyo (amnesia) straps. How much total to 11801?


Ukyo is currently on hold as someone else has asked about him first.. however, the total would be $23.50 for shipping without tracking. This is assuming Ukyo can be shipped in a package that measures a maximum of 2cm. Otherwise, it might cost an extra $5.50 (for a total of $29) to ship by air (because Canada Post is ridiculous like that ;A;).

Thanks for your interest~

Edited at 2013-10-01 05:28 pm (UTC)

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