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All items are in brand new condition still unopened in original plastic unless otherwise noted. Only boxes have been opened to check contents.

Pictures available upon request.

Petanko Sword Art Online Trading Rubber Strap -Fairy Dance-
(Earphone Jack Strap)

Kirito 1x $15
Asuna Titania 1x $15
Leafa 1x $12
Sakuya 1x $10
Alicia 1x $10
Recon 1x $10
Eugene 1x $10
Oberon 1x $10
Suguha 1x $12
Secret: Yui 1x $15

Steins;Gate Rubber Strap Collection

Okabe Rintarou 1x $12
Makise Kurisu 1x $12
Shiina Mayuri 1x $12
Amane Suzuha 1x $10
Urushibara Ruka 1x $10
Feiris NyanNyan 1x $12
Hashida Itaru 1x $10
Kiryuu Moeka 1x $10
Secret #1: Makise Kurisu Maid Ver. 1x $15
Secret #2: Uupa 1x $10

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion STAGE.1 Rubber Strap Collection

Lelouch Lamperouge 1x $12
Suzaku Kururgi 1x $12
C.C. 1x $10
Zero 1x $10
Kallen Kouzuki 1x $10
Nunnally Lamperouge 1x $10
Lloyd Asplund 1x $10
Cecile Croomy 1x $10

Fullmetal Alchemist Rubber Strap Collection Vol.1

Winry Rockbell 1x $9
Riza Hawkeye 1x $9
Olivier Mira Armstrong 1x $9
Alex Louis Armstrong 1x $9
Jean Havoc 1x $9
Secret: Julia Crichton 1x $5

Amnesia Chibi Strap Keychain Charms

Kento 1x $6
Ukyo 1x $8

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Debut Rubber Strap Collection

Reiji Kotobuki 1x $9
Ranmaru Kurosaki 1x $9
Camus 1x $9

Togainu No Chi Rubber Strap Collection

Shiki 1x $7
Arbitro 1x $7
Rin 1x $7
N 1x $7
Gunji 1x $7
Motomi 1x $7
Kiriwar 1x $7

Kimi to Boku Trading Figures

Tachibana Chizuru 1x $8
Sato Masaki 2x $5

Starry☆Sky Color Collection Trading Figures

Touzuki Suzuya (Cancer) 1x $7
Kanakubo Homare (Taurus) 1x $7

Mayo Chiki! Rubber Strap Collection

Kinjiro Sakamachi 1x $6
Kureha Sakamachi 1x $6
Ichigo Saotome 1x $6
Subaru Konoe B 1x $6
Secret #2: Masamune Usami Swimsuit Ver. 1x $6

Chiral Nitro+ One Coin Grande Trading Figures
(All have been displayed briefly but put back into original packaging)

Rin 1x $10
Sakiyama Youji 1x $10
Shironuma Tetsuo 1x $10

Nendoroid Petits

Meiko 1x $8
Iwasaki Minami 1x $6

Payment and Shipping Information


All prices are in USD. I only accept Paypal as it is the most secure. Shipping and packaging costs are not included in the listed price and are the responsibility of the buyer. As soon as payment is cleared, I will begin packing your order, and the package will be shipped within 2 business days. All sales are final. Unless it was a mistake on my part, no refunds/exchanges, sorry! if you're not sure about an item, please ask to see it first. I do provide pictures upon request.


I ship worldwide from Toronto, Canada via Canada Post. Pickup is available for those in the GTA area to save on shipping. Shipping costs vary depending on the size of the item and on the total weight. Please contact me or leave a comment for quotes on different shipping methods available to you.

Please note: I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages if non-insured forms of mail are chosen.


Most goods will be mailed in a bubble mailer, with extra bubble wrap protection if needed. Larger goods will be mailed in boxes, with bubble wrap and paper protection. An additional $0.50 will be added to each order, not item, to mitigate some of the costs.

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